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28 Dec 2009   06:45:15 am
Welcome and About Me!
Welcome to 8 Gold Stars.

About me:
I am a homeschooling parent of 4-3 DD(darling daughters), 1 DS(darling son). I am happily married to the man of my dreams and he spoils me rotten. Our oldest is already out of the house, married and has kids. She is awesome and looking into attending university soon. Our 2nd is in 10th and will soon go for her drivers license, not too worried about it, she has had some good driver courses and will tackle the learning how to drive like she has tackled her studies. Our 3rd is doing 6th/7th grade and loves hanging out in the mud, talking about horses and drawing and inventing anything and everything. Our son, is doing 4th/5th grade and loves harassing his sisters, hanging out in the mud and learning all about sharks, bats, dogs. cat. You name it, he wants to learn it.

We live in a state that loves winter and we all love to go cross country skiing as much as possible. We have 2 cats and are soon getting a puppy. The whole family likes to play role play games, board games, video games, read, watch dvds and vhs. We gave up TV coverage long ago and miss it not at all.

We also believe less is more. We live in the smallest house that can accommodate us all and yes that means the kids share a room. We dont believe in the "each kid gets their own room" philosophy of life. We have no cell phone and only one car. Yes It makes it fun to coordinate our driving but once you have gotten used to it, it doesnt seem very strange at all.

More about 8 Gold Stars:
This blog is a blog for thinkers, to make you stop and go "yea why" or "yea I agree" or even "yea I dont agree". I will be writing my opinions about different things that I read online in the news because alot of these stories need more indepth commentary. I will also put up interesting and funny emails that I have received.

So come join us, debate, learn and enjoy. Please be courteous to your fellow commentators because you cant have polite debate if all you do is name call and insult.
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Welcome and About Me!
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