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25 Mar 2010   10:05:06 pm
The Right to Bear Arms
Now I know alot of you out there are thinking "Guns kill people and should be taken away" but lets actually examine that misinformation shall we?

I have yet to hear about a Gun, climbing out of its properly secured area, taking a taxi or bus or driving itself across town, down the street, to the school and then killing someone. I have heard about idiots who have used guns to go down the street, to the school, into the work place to kill someone, but these same individuals could have done as much damage or more by using knives or properly placed small pipe bombs.

To actually think and repeat the "Guns kill people" mantra proves to me at least that most Anti Gun individuals are sheeple. They repeat the erronous information to be part of the crowd.

In every single state that allows the carrying of guns by the citizens either open carry(on their person in plain sight) or concealed carry(The gun is hidden in a purse,pocket,waistband holster and under clothes) -- crime has dropped. Now why is that? because criminals dont want you to fight back, they like soft targets they can rob, rape, kidnap, carjack and harm, they like ones that wont do anything but take it and they know their chances of being caught are pretty slim.

And lets talk about this other erroneous mantra that the anti gun want you to believe.. "The Criminal can take your gun". Now do you really really believe that? You really believe that criminal is going to get that close to me, a person that is armed with a gun, and take it? Seriously?!? Are you that big of a sheeple that you believe that?

Oh and lets talk about the Brady Anti Gun Coalition, Did you all realize that Brady was PRO GUN? Completely 100% PRO Private Citizens carrying openly? Of course you didnt know that because HIS wife is using HIS name to take away our rights. Tis a shame that she claims to love him and is doing this horrible thing using his name.

Yes people use Guns to kill other People, People use knives to kill other people, they use pantyhose, rope, towels, wire, leashes, cars, pipes, saws, pools, rocks, boards,hammers, poisons, bombs, ice picks, refrigerators, and many other things to kill people. Yet I dont see all those items listed being banned or taken away, why is that?

Because the Anti Gun Sheeple think Guns taken away from Law Abiding citizens will end all their problems, that is why. Yet lets look at the UK shall we? Their police just started carrying guns because the criminals had such high powered guns that just telling them to stop doing a crime, got them shot. Interesting huh?

Also do you know that most misuse of guns is from the police? They are more likely to use deadly force (ie shoot someone) without cause than the ordinary gun carrying citizen. Interesting huh?

Maybe we should make it illegal for the police to carry guns, tasers, and night sticks -- then it would be harder for them to abuse the citizens of this country and misuse the objects.

I have the right to bear arms and I will continue to do so, take away that right and I will still bear arms because I have a God Given Right to protect me and mine.

Guns are not the problem in this country. Lax punishment of criminals is.

Think about that the next time some Anti Gun sheeple bleets his mantra at you without any facts to back it up.
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19 Mar 2010   11:55:51 pm
School Closings
As most of you know, the education of this country has truly gone down the toilet. Students are graduating without the ability to succeed in college or at a full time job. Their reading level is low and their math skills are almost non existant. They know nothing about history, geography or any of the other subjects and daily life skills that are needed to be a success in the Adult world.

Now I have heard that some Schools are being closed to save money, because students are failing, because the teachers suck and so forth. Now lets analyze this shall we?

1.School Close due to inadequate Teachers
Now I happen to know that most teachers put in more hours per week to prepare for their classes than any other profession. They have to write out lessons, tests, homework assignments, then grade them all, not included in all that is the staff meetings, the district meetings, the parent - teacher meetings, the before school and after school duty, the lunch duty and so forth. For a work day of approximately 12 hrs, a teacher with 20 years of work experience and a minimum of a Bachelors of Science or Arts makes a measely 32k a year, and for alot of teachers that doesnt even give them health or dental insurance. Add to that, the fact that most schools today have no discipline and the students threaten, harass and attack the teachers and you wonder why your student doesnt learn?

Where are you? The parents? Why do you support your student in the mistreatment of the Teachers and then blame the teacher when your student didnt learn? Why not take away all of your students extra curricular activities and devices - computer, video, cell phone, sports -- until they show the respect to their teachers that the teachers deserve? Why blame the teacher when you, the parent, are to blame?

2. School Close due to Bankruptcy of District
Now I have a hard problem understanding how a school district can run out of money, since most school districts get their funding fun the state, the feds and property taxes. I think these school districts need to cut their programs down to the bare minimum until their students start performing properly as in academically, not on sports teams. The sports teams are extra, hence the term extra curricular, means not mandatory, or needed. Sure it is fun to watch your local school team play another team but wouldnt you rather have the school stay open and your student go to college on an academic scholorship instead of how well he/she can do a hook shot or hit a ball with a piece of wood?

3. School Close due to City issues.
The city has hard times due to major layoffs, families moving out of the area because of no jobs and so forth. Now this is totally different than the other 2 reasons for closing a school. Why pay to have a school open if it is more expensive to keep it open and heated or air conditioned than to bus the students to a different school?

Another thing that bothers me is hearing about teachers being fired because the students are doing poorly. I really dont think you all get it when it comes to learning. A teacher can sit there and teach the material 100 different ways but if the student cant learn it for whatever reason - drugs, apathy, school safety -- they wont learn it. You cannot make a student learn. They have to want to learn. They have to feel safe in their learning environment, they have to feel like there is a purpose for them to learn the material, they have to feel like their home environment supports their learning the subject material. If one of these breaks down, the student wont learn. Blaming the teacher because the student wont learn is stupid and does what lately seems to be the norm, putting the blame on the wrong person.

The teacher is doing their job -- teaching.
The student isnt doing their job -- learning.
The parents arent doing their job - supporting the teacher and the learning process.

These are some of the major problems with this country's public schools now. It isnt the test scores that make a great school, it isnt the sports teams, it isnt the latest and greatest equipment or style of clothing.


Support them, teach your children that teachers are there to teach but they have to show the teacher respect and want to learn. They have to help the teacher teach by learning, asking questions and listening.

Take the tests out of the schools, the test scores for the fed. money and give the teachers the support they need by making the schools safe and a more learnable environment for the students and the teachers.

You will remember the best teacher you ever had from 1st until 12th forever, but you will forget the final score of your schools teams championship game within a few years.

Remember that, the next time you complain about the teachers. Stop blaming them about your child that refuses to learn and showing them no respect. Blame Yourself.
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