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11 Apr 2010   08:37:40 pm
Federal Taxes are Illegal!
As April 15th approachs and everyone scrambles to pay the IRS, what they have been brainwashed to think they owe in taxes, I thought I would tell everyone the truth.

There is NO LAW Stating you have to pay Federal taxes!! Now some states have state taxes and they have a law stating so, we are talking federal.

Seriously, there is a right for the govt to have tariffs and so forth, but there is no law stating individuals have to pay taxes in any shape or form. None, Nada, Zero! Now to lie on your tax forms IF you fill them out is against the law, to say I only made xxxx this year when you made lots more is Fraud and they can and will throw you in jail for it BUT to not file at all, to not pay at all isnt against any law!!

Lawyers for the IRS, former agents for the IRS plainly state that there is NO LAW!! It is a LIE perpetrated by the IRS and the Govt! There are over 7 million citizens in the USA that pay no taxes, none, they dont fill out the forms, they dont send them in... they dont pay and they are breaking NO LAW!

The W4 you fill out with your employer allows HIM to take out TAXES to pay HIS COMPANY TAXES! You can legally put in a high enough number so no taxes are taken out of your paycheck and make the company pay its taxes by NOT taking it out of YOUR SALARY!

A former IRS Agent investigated and this is what she had to say:



Stand up and stop giving the Govt Money they have no right to have!

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02 Apr 2010   08:36:09 pm
National Books
Now the Government wants all the states to use the exact same textbooks when they teach the children. Now while on paper that might sound good, I can tell you flat out that it sucks completely. Each state has different needs and culture and the school books should reflect that. Just because our public school children are failing, doesnt mean that the Government needs to stick its over paid nose into it. Back off and let the States do it their way.

Take Hawaii and Virginia for example: History
Virginia will teach about the King of England and the Revolution, Tea prices and all that, but Hawaii doesnt care about the King of England because they had their own ruling family and their students need to study about that.

Now I am not saying that Hawaiian children dont need to learn American History because they all do, but how a state became a state and what that state history was is also very important to how the children of the state views History.

To Virginia -- the Revolutionary War was very important, had some battles there, was part of the founding of this country -- so that beginning history is very important to that state.
To Hawaii -- all of that Virginia history is just something in a book. They were not involved, and were thier own country at the time, so they need to learn it different.

To make the children in both states use the same History book and learn it the same is wrong.

Take Alaska and Colorado: Social Studies -- ie city,county, neighborhood stuff,where they live

Colorado -- children first learn their neighborhood, corner market,post office, city information like library, school location and then on to county information and so forth,what they live in is houses, apts, condos.
Alaska -- they have no Counties, and most the kids live miles from a true city, no corner market or local post office. What they live in is yurts, igloos,houses,apts,bush tents,boats

To make children in these two states study the Same Social Studies is wrong and will completely confuse the children.

Alaska and Hawaii: Seasons, length of day/night

Alaska -- has snow from Sept - May and some areas of that state has snow year round,winter they see no sun, summer they have no night, leaves change in september.
Hawaii -- last time I checked, they have 2 seasons basically -- Hot and not so hot, no seasonal changes with leaves and colors, and have normal day/night.

Can you see how children studying with the exact same textbooks would confuse both?

Now I figure you are thinking.. Well math is the same for all... is it? Lets examine that, shall we?

I will use 6 states this time:
New York (NY)

Ok lets do the math comparison:
NY and FL have to use the exact same math book -- and word problems are introduced and they talk about how long it will take a subway to get from point A to Point B. NY kids understand what a subway is and all that, but a FL kid would be.. subway? so lets add confusion about an object onto math shall we?

NY and FL -- Recipe talks about how many oranges you have to use and names a size of orange.
FL kids would know exactly what that orange is and how to get it and use it, while I bet in NY, they have one size and dont know there are different size oranges.

FL and KS -- same math book
bushels -- KS kids probably understand this measurement due to the amount of farms around them. FL kids would be completely lost.
Nautical Miles -- FL kids probably understand this measurement due to Hurricane watching and boating. KS kids would be lost.

KS and OR -- same math book
bushels -- KS kids probably understand this measurement due to the amount of farms around them. OR kids would be completely lost.
board foot -- OR sells alot of lumber so those kids probably would recognize this measurement, but what about the KS kids?

OR and HI -- same math book
How much spam is needed to make a spam/egg casserole? HI kids would know due to the fact that HI eats more spam per capita than any other state. Would OR kids know or even care?

OR and AK -- same math book
distance to town? for OR kids -- 5 mins or 5 miles. AK kids -- 3 days, 70 miles or town what town?
If you had x amt of money -- how many bush plane rides could you take? OR kids -- Huh? AK kids would know what you are talking about.
How many people can be fed by a Moose? A polar bear? A whale? AK kids would know, OR kids would probably not know.

These are just some of the problems with the same math book that would crop up if all the states had to use the same one.

Geology -- Most states like to teach the geology of the state, weather of the state and so forth.
Florida and HI using the same geology text -- One has Hurricanes, one has Typhoons. One has Volcanoes, One doesnt. One has swamps, one doesnt.

HI and AK -- both have volcanoes but they are completely different. AK volcanoes dont spew lava, HI volcanoes do, HI doesnt have blizzards, AK does. AK has tundra, HI doesnt.

Science -- chemistry,physics,cooking(I see it as a science because items are being changed with heat and so forth)

New York and Florida -- temps would be different due to humidity, less water for some things and so forth.
AK and any other state -- bread rises different, compasses dont work, water boils at a different time.

How about Health? What a balance meal is, showering, brushing teeth, laundry, taking care of your body.

What a healthy meal is seriously depends on where you live. What might be considered gross and unhealthy in one state, isnt in another. Louisana,Florida,Texas -- are three states that I know eat alligator and snake and find it delicious but a California or New York or Kansas child would find that gross.
Calfornia kids have garlic,artichokes,avocados -- but to alot of midwest and east coast kids those are gross.
Alaska kids eat alot of meat -- they have to for warmth in winter.
Hawaii kids eat alot of spam, poi, pig --- most other kids dont even know what poi is.

Showering/laundry -
Alot of Alaska homes dont even have indoor facilities and they drive to the nearest town to use the public showers once a week. Laundry is a once a month thing.

If this national book idea passes, then you will have problems with the tests from the books.
Question could be:
A Large fish weighs how much?
2 lbs
5 lbs
10 lbs
none of the above

For most kids in most states it is 5 - 10 lbs, but Alaska Salmon are 20 - 60 lbs depending on the salmon breed, so the Alaska Kids would pick none of the above and get it wrong.

How about this one?
Tis raining and storming outside, what do you do?
Read a book
watch tv
play outside
play a video game

For most kids it is a simple answer, for Alaska,Florida,Oregon kids -- it is play outside because it rains so much and for AK or it is snowing. They play outside no matter what, also alot of AK households have no TV, but they would get it wrong on the test.

Do you see how having any nationally required text is going to cause problems? That isnt the way to fix our educational system. I blogged in another Education post exactly what would help. Tell your representatives, write them, call them and demand they say NO to national text books.
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